Principles in Psychology for Pre-K-12 Teaching and Learning

Principles in Psychology for Pre-K-12 Teaching and Learning

Examination Two
Google TOP 20 Principles in Psychology for Pre-K-12 Teaching and Learning. Choose five of these
principles to summarize and explain how you will use them in your classroom. In addition, explain how
these principles are related to content covered in chapters 7-11 in your textbook.

Examination Three
Please answer the following questions and upload your responses to these questions here for grading.
Your school requires you to give letter grades to your class. You may choose any assessment method to
do so as long as every student has a grade for every subject that you teach.

1. What assessment tools will you choose for graded assignments and projects?

2. Would you give your students credit for behaviors such as group participation or effort?

3. How would you put all of the various forms of assessments together to determine a grade for every

4. How would you justify your evaluation system to your principal?

Motivating Students (1 paragraph)
After reading chapter thirteen, please describe two strategies that you can use for motivating students
in your classroom. Be specific in your post.

Discussion Board (1 paragraph)
What is the purpose of standardized tests? Are standardized tests the best form of assessment? Explain
your response.

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Principles in Psychology for Pre-K-12 Teaching and Learning


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