Week 3 Discussion 2 Supply Chain

Week 3 Discussion 2 Supply Chain

Use the attached course material to support your ideas.

Please cite web links to sources.


  • Walmart (A), HBSP OIT-71 (36 pp.)
  • Walmart (B), HBSP OIT-71B (21 pgs)
    1. This reading continues from the first reading, Walmart (A).
  • Walmart (C), HBSP OIT-71C (5 pgs)
    1. This reading is a continuation of the reading, Walmart (B).

Purpose: The purpose of this discussion is to raise your level of awareness and bridge our in-class lessons with the “real world.”

What are your expectations of WalMart’s success in e-business in various countries? Does e-business help or hider their sustainability efforts? How about their profitability?

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