Ethics in the real world

Ethics in the real world

Ethics in the real world
This assignment is designed to help you express conclusions, analyze and express how these conclusions are supported by evidence. You will also learn how to present effectively in writing an extended argument on a topic of ethical importance.
Choose ONE of the following topics to write about:
Topic One:
Read the following case study
At the Markkula Ethics Center at Santa Clara University
Give an account of what the main moral problem is, and apply one of the ethical theories we have studied this term to derive a conclusion, along with two original arguments to support the conclusion.
Topic Two:

Read “The Singer Solution to World Poverty, by Peter Singer.pdf
Give an account of what Singer’s main claim is, and his arguments to support it; Do you agree with Singer? Why or why not? Give a clear statement of your view, along with two original arguments to support your view.
Topic Three:
In the “NOVA Video on Demand” box on your Blackboard homepage,
Click on “Annenberg Video.”
In the list of programs, find “Ethics in America” and “Ethics in America II.”
Watch at least one of the programs (they are one hour in length) and write a paper in which you:
Give an account of the positions of at least two of the panelists on the program, and the arguments they use to support these positions.
You must choose panelists whose positions are in disagreement with each other.
Show in some detail how the views of at least two of the philosophers we have studied in the course are used by the panelists in the video.
Give a clear statement of your view about the topic covered in the video, along with two original arguments to support it.
Each paper should be formatted to collegiate standards and formatted according to MLA specifications. Papers must also be in MS Word in order to be graded. Minimum 500 words.

The philosophers that we learned about are the following… Plato, Euthyphro Plato, Republic, selections. Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
Epicurus, Letter to Menoeceus and Principal Doctrines; Epictetus, Enchiridion; Saint Augustine, City of God; Maimonides, Guide for the Perplexed; Saint Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica.
David Hume, Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals (Selections), Immanuel Kant, Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals (Selections), Jeremy Bentham, Principles of Legislation and Morals (Selections), and John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism.
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching (Selections) The Bhagavad Gita (Selections) The Buddha, First Sermon Confucius, Analects (Selections) Al-Ghazali, The Moral and Religious Teachings of Al-Ghazzali (Selections)

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Ethics in the real world

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