How to Improve Patient Care Quality

How to Improve Patient Care Quality

Topic: How to Improve Patient Care Quality

Details: Hello would like a problem solution essay written. Related to the outline that I have received from you that I will post below. Please base essay off of the Dewey Sequence. This paper should be 1200 word count. If you have any questions please contact me at 313-516-9354

ENG 205  Problem-Solution Essay
Overview and Requirements
In your academic, personal, and professional lives, being able to effectively solve a problem is an essential skill.  Using what you’ve learned in weeks one and two, it is now time to put your newly polished skills to work.
Assignment Prompt
1.) For this essay, you are required to:
•       write about any problem that is of interest to you, and
•       propose a new solution that will work to solve part or all of the problem.

IMPORTANT:  You should select a problem that you can successfully define and analyze and propose and defend a solution for in a minimum of 1,200 words.  For example, world poverty is too broad of a topic for an essay of this length, but poverty in Cleveland is a manageable topic.
2.) Your essay must do the following (based on the Dewey Sequence):
•       Define the problem
•       Analyze the problem
•       Propose a solution
•       Defend the proposed solution and address any potential objections
3.) Your essay must include the following:
•       An introduction with a hook (review Hooks and Attention Grabbers for examples) and strong thesis statement
•       Developed body paragraphs with strong topic sentences, cited support, and concluding sentences
•       At least 4 unique sources, cited and referenced properly in APA style (no more than 20% of essay consists of quoted text)
•       A word count of 1,200 words, at a minimum (excludes cover page and references page)
For an example of an “A” student essay, review the Problem-Solution Example Essay.
For specific grading criteria for this assignment, review the Problem-Solution Essay Rubric.

Here is the Dewey Sequence step for the essay.

Planning a “Problem-Solution” Essay
Students are often asked to write essays that address a particular problem. Based on a series of questions, the Dewey Sequence was developed by educator John Dewey as a reflective method for solving problems. The idea is to work through the list of questions and use the answers you come up with as the basis for organizing and developing the ideas for your essay.
Step One: Define the Problem 1. What is the specific problem that you or your colleagues are concerned about?  2. In stating this problem, what terms, concepts, or ideas need to be defined?

Step Two: Analyze the Problem 1. What is the history of the problem? 2. What are the causes of the problem? 3. What are the symptoms of the problem? 4. What methods (approaches, laws, policies, etc.) exist for dealing with the problem? 5. What are the limitations of these methods?

Step Three: Determine Criteria for an Optimal Solution 1. What are the guidelines for a workable solution? Sample criteria may include cost, feasibility, enforcement, etc.

Step Four: Propose Solutions 1. After you have analyzed the problem and suggested criteria for a solution, try to envision possible solutions in tentative, hypothetical terms. You might begin by suggesting a variety of possible solutions without evaluating them.

Step Five: Evaluate Proposed Solution(s) 1. After you have compiled a list of possible solutions, select the best possible solution(s) in light of the criteria that the group developed in step three. 2. What are the disadvantages or downsides to the solution? Do the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?  3. Does the solution conform to the criteria you formulated in Step Three? (You may need to modify the criteria).

Step Six: Select a Solution 1. Weigh the merits and deficiencies of your top one or two solutions. 2. What would be the long-term and short-term effects of this solution if it were adopted?

Step Seven: Suggest Strategies to Implement the Solution 1. How can you get public support and approval (buy-in) for the proposed solution? 2. What specific steps are necessary to implement the solution? What’s the first step? 3. How can the group evaluate the success of its problem-solving efforts?

This here is the outline that I received from you that goes alone with the problem solution essay.

I.      Introduction
A.      Quality improvement should be a continuous task in patients care. Implementation of technology such as Health Information Technology can assist in making the quality improvement a daily task because data collection, storage, and retrieval are done within minutes (Moorhead et al., 2014).
B.      Continuous Quality Improvement can help in making quality improvement a daily task. Continuous quality improvement recognizes the value of putting in place technological advancements.

II.     Continuous quality improvement needs to be associated with change
A.      Technology is advancing every other day, and it is the reason why Continuous Quality Improvement is associated with change (Gliklich, Dreyer & Leavy, 2014).
i.      Continuous quality improvement can push a practice from its state to a desirable future state. It starts with a transformed vision of the environment, then identifies the changes required to attain the vision and team members’ engagement. It means that the way to the desired future state needs a change of people, process, and technology.
B.      To establish and implement a clear vision successfully a sincere commitment to continuous quality improvement can help. The continuous quality initiative aims primarily on removing overburden and inconsistency at the same time reduce waste to create a process that will deliver the results desired smoothly. CQI, therefore, needs to be associated with the change because in all its activities there must be change to achieve the desired results.
C.      For achievement of quality improvement technology has to be applied. Since technology advances always the continuous quality improvement has to change

A.      Coming up with corporate hospitals that are equipped with the latest medical facilities.
i.      This will ensure that patients get any type of medical services they need, hence not having to travel from one hospital to another in search of specialized services.
B.      Latest facilities also enable doctors to offer patients effective services.
i.      For instance, they can detect patients’ illnesses within a short time, hence determining what steps to take.

IV.     Encouraging good doctor-patient relationships
A.      Various factors determine a patient’s attitude towards the doctor.
i.      For instance, his or her attitude towards the condition, doctor’s timing and communication with the patients. As a result of this, doctors need to understand patients well.
B.      Doctors need to know that patients need personal relationships which are viewed to be symbols of care and compassion.
i.      It is clear that patient satisfaction is a wide scope that requires a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to achieve.
V.      Encouraging good handling of patients
A.      Another factor that leads to patients’ satisfaction is the manner in which doctors deal with patients.
i.      There are instances when doctors and nurses are arrogant while dealing with patients. The latter is unlikely to seek medical services from such health care providers in the future.
B.      While dealing with patients, doctors need to; show courtesy through using polite words and kind gestures, breaking the ice by calling patients by names and making eye contacts.
i.      Seeing the whole person rather than just a patient who needs medical assistance and paying undivided attention while dealing with patients.

VI.     Ensuring patient satisfaction
A.       Educated patients are in a position to explain to doctors how they are actually feeling, and what they think is likely to be wrong.
i.      With this knowledge, doctors are able to determine the illness a patient is likely to be suffering from.
ii.     Furthermore, educated patients tend to follow doctor’s instructions regarding taking medicines.
B.      Feedback is extremely important as it enables physicians to improve the service they offer patients.
i.       Hospitals can obtain patient feedback through several ways such as suggestion boxes, questionnaires and follow-up text messages or phone calls.
C.      With feedback in place, physicians will up their game, and the beneficiaries will be those seeking medical services.

VII.    Conclusion
Health care assistants and physicians need to have the right knowledge and competencies to provide care services that meet the needs and expectations of patients. Health care facilities and care homes employ healthcare assistants to take keep patients hydrated, fed and evaluate their body temperatures. For this reason, these assistants need to monitor patients throughout the day, and provide excellent patient care quality.

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