What were some of the problems facing America’s new urban locations

What were some of the problems facing America’s new urban locations

LIT 202 WEEK 1 assignment

To complete this assignment, you can either cut and paste the whole thing into a word doc and write your answers there and then upload it or you can simply type answers and save those. Either way, upload your document by 1/18, 5pm.

Active Reading

Based on the active reading strategies , what are two ways you can actively read?

How will you personally make sure you read actively in this class, given that our texts are online? Be specific.

Why is “active reading” important at all, in your own words?

American Timeline

4 a-4c. In reviewing the American timeline, (链接到外部网站。) tell me three things that you noticed that you expect to have direct influence on the type of/content of the literature we will read when we read from this period.

Norton intro chapter and opening lecture

5. In the opening lecture and on pages 1-16, we read about America in transformation. In what way or ways was it transforming during this time?

6a-6b.Name two things that contributed to that transformation.

7. What were some of the problems facing America’s new urban locations? Be specific. I want you to use an actual quote for this answer. If you need help with punctuating/formatting sources, please do some online research on how to cite in American English.

8. What is meant by “Woman Question”?

9a-9b. In your own words, what are Realism and Naturalism? Define them and tell me some of the features of both.

10. How is Realism an “argument”– in other words, what is a reaction to or against?

11a-11b. Noting the photos in the intro section, think about how they are pictorial reminders of America at that time, but also still have significance today. Choose two pictures from the pictures in the intro chapter and tell me what current, modern events are going on in America now that those two pictures remind you


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What were some of the problems facing America's new urban locations


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