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Urgent help in Humanities

Urgent help in Humanities

I will post links for three lectures & what you are supposed to do after each lecture:

Lesson 23 lecture ( https://elearning.la.psu.edu/static/CAMS025/Lecture23/index.htm )

Lesson 24 lecture ( https://elearning.la.psu.edu/static/CAMS025/Lecture24/index.htm )

  • Identify the major forces driving ancient Greek sexuality
  • Explain the ways in which Greek attitudes on sexuality impacted women
  • Discuss the value of ancient Greek vase painting in our understanding of Greek sexuality
  • Describe the features and social function of the Greek symposium
  • Explain the concept of Greek “homosexuality” and why it’s difficult to describe in current terms
  • Describe the erastē-eromenos relationship, compare and contrast the roles within it

Last Lesson ( https://elearning.la.psu.edu/static/CAMS025/Lecture25/index.htm )

  • Explain the rise of Alexander the Great
  • Describe Alexander’s campaigns across the east
  • Discuss the effects of Alexander’s conquests both during his life and after his death
  • Provide a basic overview of the Hellenistic period
  • Review the major course themes and trajectory of ancient Greek civilization and history






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