United States History Essay

United States History Essay

Write a 600-word (minimum) essay in response to one of the prompts listed below (your choice). Your essay must:

  • Answer the prompt you chose. In particular, be sure to cover the whole chronological range covered in class so far (up to c.1788).
  • Provide specific facts or examples to support each of your assertions.
  • Include a brief comparison to our own 21st-century American experience.

Choose one of the following prompts:

  1. How did the new nation’s government structures reflect the revolutionary and colonial experience?
  2. Explore the roots of democracy in the colonies and the new nation up to c.1788.
  3. Explore the evolution of an American identity up to c.1788.
  4. Discuss the diverse perceptions of liberty during the colonies and the new nation up to c.1788.
  5. Analyze the economic development of the colonies and the new nation up to c.1788.

Your essay will be graded using this rubric:

30 well-informed ideas and connections answering the prompt
30 supporting facts and examples
10 style & mechanics: clarity, persuasiveness, spelling, grammar, length
5 comparison to 21st century America





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