Reseach Reflection

Write four brief paragraphs that reflect on your writing process, use the questions below as a guide for each paragraph, but not include the questions themselves in your submission.

Paragraph 1

Reflect on the process of choosing a topic for your research paper.

Did you encounter any challenges because of your topic choice? Did you learn any surprising or interesting information? Having read the research and reported the research, which side do you agree with and why?

Paragraph 2

Look back at your outline assignment.

How closely does your final draft follow your outline assignment? If you made any changes, why did you make them? How did they make your essay stronger? Explain whether you found the outline to be a helpful tool and if you plan to use outlines in the future.

Paragraph 3

Think about the process of conducting research.

Describe any problems or successes you had as you researched. Did any particular search strategies work well? Did any particular search strategies disappoint you? Which databases and search engines worked well?What were the major barriers in your search for balanced and credible resources?

Paragraph 4

What issues, challenges, or realizations arose as you drafted and revised your essay?

How much time did you spend on the revision process? Which revision strategies did you use?



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