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Psychology Questions

Psychology Questions

George was given a really difficult homework. He went to his older brother and asked him to do it for him. His brother refused, but offered to explain everything. After the session George was able to solve his homework without hesitation. Is there any concept in psychology that explains this? If so, who is the author and how can we use it?

Stephen’s parents want their son to be a successful young man with a respectable job and meaningful hobbies. To help him out, they provide him various stimulating ‘toys’ for birthdays and Christmases: a telescope, a camera, a bicycle, a bow, a fishing rod, a guitar, books on various topics, etc. However, although Stephen is very happy about every new present, as he grows older, he spends more and more of his time just playing computer games in his room and doing nothing in particular. His parents do not understand how he can be like this in such a stimulating environment. Can you explain what may be happening?

Sarah has decided to adopt a dramatically healthier lifestyle. She wakes up two hours earlier than she used to, goes running, has a cold shower and eats a super-healthy breakfast before she goes to work. In the afternoon, she plans to do some housework and study English but instead finds herself turning on the TV and switching from one channel to another until late in the night, with a pack of cookies at hand. Before going to sleep, she feels remorse and makes a promise to start anew in the morning. The “cycle” repeats itself for a few days until Sarah completely drops her fitness plans. What do you think Sarah’s problem is? Why did her efforts fail?

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