Memo for Human Resources

Memo for Human Resources

You are the human resource manager of a company that is experiencing a union organizing campaign. The company’s leadership team is looking to you to advise them on what the company can and cannot do during the campaign. In preparation for a leadership briefing, you prepare a 2–3 page memo that addresses the following areas:

  1. What actually happens as a union organizing drive develops?
  2. What steps can the company legally take during the campaign?
  3. What actions should the company avoid to maintain compliance with the National Labor Relations Act?

The following are the minimum requirements to successfully complete the memo Assignment:

  • Use APA format and citation style and include an additional reference and title page.
  • Limit the use of direct quotations; instead, paraphrase and cite the author’s work.
  • Uses Standard American English and demonstrates superior organization, communication is highly ordered, logical, and unified.
  • Reinforce your personal opinions with outside viable references and cite all works using APA citation style.



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