LP5 Webinar Waiting lines Assessment

LP5 Webinar Waiting lines Assessment



Assessment – Find a youtube video or other online news article regarding waiting lines, or research another company you can identify that has a unique and effective que system (Disney, Ikea, Walmart, Target, Vehicle Repair shops, Verizon stores, black Friday issues, doctors office, restaurant – bar, reading material). Write a short (10-15 sentence) summary about the video/article and include to the article your thoughts about queues after reading the chapter identify some key points from the article.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OJIy-PzCgs (volume cutting out about 2.5 minutes)


Key terms to consider

Rides per capita (add additional attractions $$, guest behavior – perception of wait time – Delphi Study)

Wait time (how is measured minutes, hours, etc)

Customer satisfaction – child and parents,

Staff member – “costume”





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