International Human Resource Management Case analysis and answer

International Human Resource Management Case analysis and answer

This is MBA-International Human Resource Management course.

This textbook you need to find references:

Dowling, P. J., Festing, M., & Engle, Sr., A.D. (2013). International human resource management: Managing people in a multinational context (6th ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western. ISBN-: 978-1-480-3209-1


Read Case  and Answer the 4 questions:

Case and questions are in the attachment below, please download and check it. 

3 page required.

Questions analysis must Be specific.

You can use outside references, all the paper must write in APA format.

The answer must Be specific.

Be careful about the references. Do not make a mistake again.( in APA format. )

Thank you.

Please write like questions and answers format.

1. question: …..

answer: …..

2. question: …..

answer: ……

3. ……….

4. ………





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