Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System Case Study

Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System Case Study

d her left leg was wedged tightly into a crevice. The resulting injury was severe and required amputation below the knee. She has reported to her physician that she continues to suffer from phantom limb pain.

Based on the scenario given above, answer the following:

  • What theory explains the type of pain experienced by the woman described in the scenario?
  • Nociceptors are free nerve endings in the afferent peripheral nervous system (PNS) that selectively respond to different stimuli. Please categorize according to stimulus which they respond to and the properties of the nerve fibers associated with them.
  • Which fibers would most likely be responsible for causing the client’s phantom limb pain?
  • references at least two and citations with year and page number

Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System Case Study

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