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Like all assignments to come, this assignment asks for your own writing, discussion in the form of an application of the meaning of "Formative Evaluation."
This assignment should be completed in about one page. If you do use direct quotes or outside sources, proper citation is required.

Assignment One: Attempting a Formative Evaluation Due January 29 at midnight.

On page 6 you read about program implementation. One way this is assessed is with a formative evaluation. The text explains that if we don’t look at implementation of the program, including the environment and culture in which the program is implemented, we can’t really know if the outcomes we eventually find are attributed to the program.

Consider a program that is designed to reduce binge drinking among youth. For purposes of this assignment, we can consider binge drinking to be the practice of drinking 4 or more drinks in one “sitting” or event. Please write about the following:

Describe a possible program to reduce binge drinking in a community to a rate of 10% of the alcohol drinking population from 20% of the alcohol drinking population.

How could you set up an evaluation of this program?
What variable in the environment or culture could effect your implementation?
In this formative evaluation, what could you hope to learn about constructing and institutionalizing your program as an effective one?
An assignment that fully addresses all four of the above criteria earns 40 points. Writing four short paragraphs, or one about each sub-area could be a good plan. Remember that this is your application of the textbook description of a formative evaluation. While all areas don’t need an equal number of statements or words, all elements (1. – 4.) need to be addressed for full credit. Each element is worth 40 points for a total possible of 120 points earned for complete and well explained elements and assignments. Use complete sentences as if you were offering your answer as an explanation to a stakeholder or interested party. If in doubt as to whether you fully addressed the question, add another sentence of explanation.

The purpose of this assignment is to review the evaluation type and also to gain practice in writing out a plan for an evaluation.

If you would prefer to do this assignment with smoking cessation or hypertension reduction as your subject matter, please feel free to do so. Make sure to choose a health improvement program that is still attempting to discover the best plan of action.

Please submit this assignment as Word doc. or a rich text file.

A SafeAssign review is part of this submission and will report a percentage of the assignment that is from another source. Make sure that if you use the work of another source or offer specific facts that you cite these and add References Cited at the end of your assignment. APA is the expected format.



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