Employee Relations, International Context of Labor Standards, and Employment Law

Research France, Germany, Japan, and Canada in terms of their cultural profile and the consequences of this profile on HR practices (e.g., in terms of motivation, recruitment, communication with employees, rewards and sanctions, etc.). Reference this lesson’s readings and Hofstede’s dimensions.


Write no more than 100 words per country. 



  • Briscoe, International Human Resources Management, Chapters 6 and 7, pp. 153-218

Other Readings:


  • George, O. J., Kuye, O. L., & Onokala, U. C. (2012). Culture and management practices are siamese twins: The case of employee relations practice in Nigeria (Cadbury Nigeria Plc) and the United Kingdom (Cadbury Worldwide UK). Business and Management Review, 2(2), 9–22.
  • For Review: Adler, N. J., & Gundersen, A. (2008). How cultural differences affect organizations and communicating across cultures. International dimensions of organizational behavior (5th ed., Chapters 2 and 3, Part 1, pp. 44-92). Mason, OH: Thompson, South-Western. 


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