Zappos Final Report

Zappos Final Report
  • Create a 2 page report on how Zappos connects to customers through social media, such as Pinterest and Instagram, to achieve customer loyalty.
  • Merge all reports into one cohesive final report of at least 5-6 content pages, with your conclusion.
  • Your assignment should include APA formatted in-text citations and references page and be checked for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.





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Companies are reaping big by establishing themselves in the social media world. At first, the world of social media was thought of as being unwelcome by the corporate world as employees spend considerable amount of time Facebooking and tweeting instead of concentrating on their tasks. As a matter of fact, Facebook and Twitter among several social media websites were banned by several companies. However, the companies later realized the power of social media and especially when it is geared towards…


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