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You are the Boss now

You Are the Boss

Now the tables are turned – YOU are the boss and you are sending one of your team overseas to manage the new office.

  • How do you select which employee should manage the new office?
  • How do you approach them?
  • What incentives are you prepared to offer?
  • What would you hold back but be prepared to offer to sweeten the deal if there is resistance?
  • How would the negotiation go?

Write the conversation as it would take place between you and your employee, it should consist of at least 1,000 words and be written in a dialog format.





……………….Answer Preview……………



(It is about eight thirty in the morning. We are sitting together with my employees around a table in a social hall. Each one of us is taking a drink and there is pin drop silence in the room as they eagerly await to hear what the meeting is all about. I take my time to attract attention and command the stage and finally break the silence)


Me: (Clearing my throat) Good morning,

Employees: (with a croaky voice) good morning to you sir.

Me: It is to my delight that you adhered to the letter that I sent to you on the twenty fifth of this month because I can see that you made to…


1007 words


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