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The difference between tactical and strategic information technology is that once oriented to immediate use in the field while the other enables planning to occur for a future operation. Tactical information technology would include electronic devices such as tablets or mobile computer terminals that provide an officer with the means to query information in the performance of their field duties such as the development reasonable suspicion and or probable cause. When an officer has performed an investigative detention s/he is compelled to act in a manner that would prove or disprove that criminal activity is afoot, has occurred or is about to occur and the use of tablets and mobile computer terminals enable officer to search for and obtain information, and coordinate with others. Without immediate access and feedback from a host of databases and contacts could result in an incomplete search for information and therefore cause an early release of a suspect in order to avoid gray areas that could easily be interpreted or transition into an arrest situation when it may not be warranted. An unlawful detention or arrest could easily result in a civil lawsuit and the early release of a suspect could result in another person becoming victimized.

Strategic information technology is the process of collecting and using information that can be used for future law enforcement operations. I typically think of crime analysis as a result of collecting statistical information and building suspect profiles. The statistical information can be used to create heat maps that depict crime and suspect profiles can be used to correlate where they live, work, and associate with others in an attempt to provide historical information and draw link analysis to predict the potential for future crimes. With some past history and some reasonable planning we can use this information to develop strategies to respond to criminal threats by getting in front of problems to catch a criminal red handed or at least educate potential victims to reduce the likely hood becoming victimized. Strategic information can be published and made available so that all supervisors and officers can review the materials and use them in the course of developing work plans, special strike teams, task forces, and officers can use the information in their daily crime fighting patrol duties.









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This post is very interesting because it deals with different types of information technology. My colleague has clearly defined the differences between tactical and strategic information technology. It is true to say that he has made great efforts to introduce the essay by mentioning the two types of information technology. In the first……………..


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