Writing techniques and distributing messages.

Writing techniques and distributing messages.
  1. Referring to your imaginary company’s acquisition, refer to page 141 and choose two writing techniques. Write a substantial paragraph using each one to discuss an aspect of the acquisition. Please provide two citations
  2. Refer back to the media recommendations you made. Please evaluate them in terms of the four issues highlighted on page 171, “Distributing your message.”  Please provide two citations

Excellence in Business Communication, Eleventh Edition | 9780133544176

Author(s): John V. Thill; Courtland L. Bovée 




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In reference to my imaginary company; wireless distribution of electricity, there are two writing techniques that would more efficient in explaining the acquisition for the company. The first writing technique is cause and effect. In doing acquisitions, it is important to use the factor of consideration. Consideration will help the company to know what they want to acquire and how effective it will be to the company. This is to avoid……………


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