Workplace Diversity and Motivational Factors

Workplace Diversity and Motivational Factors

  • Identify three (3) examples that demonstrate the main reasons why workplace diversity is important to a company’s culture and performance.
  • Describe one (1) workplace situation where your supervisor or coworker motivated you to perform better for the organization. Explain the situation, how you felt up to that point, and the motivation technique and approach that your supervisor or coworker used to help inspire you.







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A good example of the importance of work place diversity to a company’s culture and performance would be innovation. People from different backgrounds have different ways of thinking and doing things. Having these people in the same organization encourages new discoveries and inventions as everyone has a part to play thus promoting the organizations culture (Barak, 2013).

Another example would be on profitability. We know that marketing is all about understanding the end consumer. For instance…


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