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Working In a Foreign Country

Working In a Foreign Country

Working in a foreign country could have its difficulties.  These difficulties could change if you are there for a short term assignment as compared to long term assignment.

  • Select a country where you would like to work. List at least 3 concerns that you have of living and working in that culture.
  • Also list 3 reasons why you think it would be beneficial to work in that country.
  • Lastly, would any of these benefits or concerns change the way you work when you return to a position in the United States?
  • This assignment should be 2,000 words.

This assignment should be a minimum of 2,000 words, Times New Roman, double spaced.

An option to the written paper is to create a Power Point presentation and record yourself presenting the response to this assignment. The recorded video should be 5-7 minutes in length and references should be provided in APA format within the post.





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Working In a Foreign Country

Working in a foreign country comes with its difficulties and benefits. The benefits often outweigh the difficulties thus the reason for an individual opting to work abroad. An individual should make an assessment of the challenges against the benefits to determine it is worth working abroad as opposed to United States. Some of the major concerns in working in a foreign country will include discrimination and racism, language barriers, Islamophobic countries, and adjustment to the diverse workforce (Moran, Abramson, & Moran, 2014). An individual should be able to turn the challenges into opportunities for professional…


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