How to work with persons from different cultures

How to work with persons from different cultures

Research current information about the demographics of your own state. List the main minority groups and (if applicable) specific cultural subgroups living in your state, as well as living within your own part of the state.

Select two of these groups and identify the steps you would take to become more knowledgeable about working with persons from these cultures. Include at least two articles or books specific to each culture in your references.

What are some of the questions you have or issues you might encounter while working as a counselor with persons from these groups?

my state is Ohio cleveland cultures are mexican and asain




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Ohio City – Working with persons form different cultures

Ohio City is home to 9200 residents. In the 2010 census data, the statistics received were a bit varied. 50% were white, 34% were African American, 23% were Hispanic, and 1.5% Asian or Pacific Islander and American Indians were less than 1%. There were also others who amounted to 14%. These statistics show a loss in population which has…

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