Women and Gender Bias

Women and Gender Bias

Research Paper Proposal

(Syllabus Instruction) Should include project title and topic, the questions/issues that will be explored and their significance, the methods and resources to be used, plus an annotated bibliography that includes ten academic references.

My professor want us to choose specific area and specific topic.
I want you to research the process of women’s right in gender inequality and female empowerment in terms of health and reproductive activity linked with gender inequality and deficiency in Islam culture country such as Afghanistan. please make the paper specific..:)

Below is the Course Description

This course covers contemporary issues in gender and international development with an aim to providing students with the tools for research, practical action and evaluating gender programs. Students are provided with a theoretical and conceptual grounding through a review of key debates that frame gender and development. We also explore the bridge between theory, policy and the practical implementation of gender programs in developing countries through a review of select case studies drawn from key stakeholders ranging from USAID, World Bank, and UNICEF, to foundations, civil society and national governments. The course will also cover new innovations in gender and development and gender programming in emergencies.

want to add something in my order.<br /> I need all the academical sources and I also want to use the statistical data and graph or data<br /> and I’ll put one more order to you about 10 pages research paper.<br /> this Annotated bibliography should be related with the research paper.(Customer)
MLA 10 sources
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Women and Gender Bias

There, in the recent past have been a lot of international focus on the treatment of the women in the society. As such, this has led to the international scene being devoted to seeing to it that women are empowered to the same level as men in the society. Consequently, in the case that any economy wants to prosper, women empowerment has to be a factor they have to consider (Duflo, 1052). In any given society, the prosperity of the same depends……………..

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