Website for a Social Media Campaign

Website for a Social Media Campaign

Website for a Social Media Campaign

Using what you have learned so far in the class, create a website for your social media campaign. Creating  your website for your social media campaign can take between 1 and 4 hours to complete.

The content of the website should be persuasive; it should take into account that the social media campaign is asking the readers to respond or act in some way. It should also take into account the \\\”bending of attitudes\\\” that social media campaigns seem to aim for. Social media campaigns create terministic screens and their designers know that, as Kenneth Burke wrote in his 1950 book, A Rhetoric of Motives, an \\\”attitude [is] an incipient act.\\\”

The website should include the following:

  1. At least four webpages.
  2. All textual content for the pages that was written in Topic 2.
  3. Appropriate formatting and style.
  4. Implementation of design decisions regarding layout, content, style, integration of media, visual appeal, etc.
  5. Open space for future artifacts yet to be included (such as video artifacts).

You will be working on other aspects of the social media campaign throughout the course. The website becomes a \\\”hub\\\” through which the other parts of the social media campaign flow. The idea is that social media activity is designed to bring the user to the site, where the user will then have the opportunity to be persuaded and to act in some way.

There is a link to the “Technology Tools Guide” at the end of these directions. Use the Website Development section of this guide to help you become familiar with how to create a simple website. The website building tools the guide recommends are much less daunting than you might imagine. Anyone with very basic technology experience will be able to produce a simple, but high-quality website. Remember, you are to use principles of visual rhetoric in creating your website, but you are not required to produce an overly complex website.

To submit this assignment, paste the URL (Link) for your website to the top of your Website Copy assignment that you completed in Topic 2 and submit it to the assignment dropbox.

To access the \\\”Technology Tools Guide,\\\” copy and paste this URL to your browser.

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Website for a Social Media Campaign


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