How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research

How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research

Read David Rothenburg’s essay, “How the Web Destroys the Quality of Students’ Research,” and then write a paragraph in response to Discussion Question #1.
Your answer should consist of a well-developed paragraph of no less than 250 words, which means your first sentence should answer the question(s) (i.e., topic sentence), and the following sentences should support the topic sentence. The paragraph should be unified and coherent with specific supporting details or examples from the story. The sentences should be clear, concise, and arranged in a logical order. Transitions, pronouns, and repetition should be used to provide coherence. The paragraph should follow a cause and effect format.


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The fact that web destroys quality of research is true and challenging at the same time. Gone are the days when students used to do thorough research on a specific topic of study using verified academic sources. Today, students use web materials which mostly are not verified. However, with the onset of easy access to the internet, students are no longer relying on pure and original research but else are just looking for…


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