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W4A1 Network Forensics

W4A1 Network Forensics

You are the lead computer forensic examiner assigned to ensure the proper seizure of a computer network located in a broker’s house. The network is suspected of facilitating fraudulent trade in securities by this broker. When the search team arrives at the house, they find that more than 50 networked computers throughout two levels of the house. Discuss the following on the basis of your knowledge of automated and specialized tools:

  • Analyze and explain whether tools such as Guidance Software’s Enterprise Edition and Field Intelligence or Wetstone Technologies Livewire Investigator should be used for the task. Justify your answer with the help of adequate reasoning.
  • Analyze what other options can be opted for if one of the mentioned tools is not to be used. Will taking down the network be a wiser option? If yes, why? If no, why?



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I believe that these tools should be used for the task. The Guidance Software’s Enterprise Edition has the ability to interpret all of the file systems, over the network. It would be a good tools to try to establish what has been going on in the house. According to ….Guidance Software is the world’s largest computer forensics and incident response trainer and Investigators for law enforcement, government, small businesses, consulting….

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