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According to the video, wood was among the primary sources of fuel used by most Chinese farmers. Burning wood not only sends more greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and soot into the atmosphere, but the demand for wood is contributing to China’s rapid deforestation, a problem the government in Guangxi is now trying to get under control.  Humans activities now leave an impact on the natural world in just about every manner imaginable  from harvesting resources for consumption to emitting CO2 as a byproduct of generating energy to burning fossil fuels to power our transportation, the collective footprint of those various activities is massive indeed. But what about other widespread acts that humans have engaged in throughout history? What else has left a mark on the world’s climate? What, for instance, is the carbon footprint of war?





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Climate change is the shift in the weather conditions that are long-term in the Earth’s atmosphere. Humans have engaged in activities that have resulted to climate change. Apart from deforestation and burning of fossil fuels, industrial activities have had a great impact on the natural world. Industrial revolution has resulted into activities that change the land surface and emit various substances into the atmosphere.  These substances have a resultant effect on both the incoming…


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