Last week we learned about polynomials and their properties.

Last week we learned about polynomials and their properties.

Vertical Projectile Motion

Last week we learned about polynomials and their properties. Polynomials show up in the real world a lot more than you would think! Applications can be found in physics, economics, meteorology, and more.  One real-world example of a degree-two polynomial (a quadratic) is the position equation used in physics to model the vertical motion of objects such as a pop-up fly ball in baseball.

For this math-based discussion, follow the steps below. Type all math in the discussion using the Blackboard Math Editor (link to tutorial).  Make sure you are giving details and explaining each step in your post.

Go to this link and pick a batter off of the list. Convert the average exit velocity for that batter from mph to ft/s (use Google).

Assuming the ball is hit at about 3.5 ft off the ground, plug your velocity into the position equation

Find the ordered pair for the vertex of the equation.  What is the meaning of this ordered pair in the context of a fly ball?

Discuss how you think real-world parameters such as angle, wind speed, etc. may affect the vertex and the equation.  How do you think this equation could be helpful for coaches and players?



Business Law Questions

On May 1, Ramona and Santo orally agree that Santo will guide a party from the base of Mount McKinley to its summit and from the summit to a return to the base. Under the agreement, Ramona will pay for the service after the completion of the climb on June 1. On May 1, is this contract express or implied? On May 31, after the climb has been made but before payment is paid, is the contract executed or executory?(75 words)

On December 1, Petroleum, Inc., sent Rachel & Rico (R&R) a letter, via overnight delivery, offering to employ R&R to review Petroleum’s tax situation for the current year for $10,000. In the letter, the company stated that R&R had ten days to accept. On December 5, R&R sent an e-mail message that stated, “The price for the tax analysis seems too low. Would you consider paying $15,000?” Petroleum received the message without responding immediately. The next day, Smith & Taylor, an R&R competitor, offered to conduct the appraisal for $8,000. On learning of this offer, R&R immediately e-mailed Petroleum, agreeing to do the work for $10,000. Petroleum received this message on December 7. Explain why R&R and Petroleum do, or do not, have a contract.(75 words)


Answer preview to last week we learned about polynomials and their properties.

Last week we learned about polynomials and their properties.


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