Using rational decision-making model in the workplace?

using rational decision-making model in the workplace?

Think about a decision you recently made in the workplace. Describe the situation and the decision made and consider the following:

  • Do you feel you used a rational decision-making model?
    • If you did not follow the rational decision-making model exactly, did you follow even one of the steps – or some half way?
  • Describe if you could have been using what we call bounded rationality and how?
  • Finally, what about the third approach to decision-making – intuition? How did you use intuition in your decision-making process? Explain. (Remember that we often combine our “gut feelings” with some rational dimension.)

Your submitted assignment should be 2 pages. Be sure to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar and cite your sources per APA.

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Decision making is the process in which decisions affecting the activities of a particular organization are reached at. Depending on the importance of the decisions to be made, different people and steps of coming up with the decisions are engaged. A rational decision making involves systematically deciding among choices the one that is based on reason and supported by facts. This often calls for analytical steps to look into the facts and the observations at hand coupled by the scrutiny of the possible….


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