Update on the State of the Future: Environmental sustainability and Energy

Update on the State of the Future: Environmental sustainability and Energy

To successfully complete this week’s discussion, “Update on the State of the Future”, read the following article from EBSCOhost:

  • Glenn, J.C., & Gordon, T.J. (2006, January/February). Update on the state of the future.Futurist, 40(1), 20-24. Retrieved from EBSCOhost in Ashford Online Library

After reading “Update on the State of the Future”, select two topics from the following list and hypothesize how these issues could be resolved.

  • Environmental sustainability
  • World trade
  • Global information and technology
  • Global population
  • Peace and security (terrorism)
  • Energy

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length.




……………..Answer Preview……………

My two selected topics are Environmental sustainability and Energy. I chose these two topics because in my opinion, they go hand in hand. In America today, there is a lot of dependence on oil. All our lives are partly covered by energy sources that are powered by oil. We it to generate electricity, to fuel our automobiles among many others…


305 words


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