Unit 9: The Revised BACB Ethical Guidelines

Unit 9: The Revised BACB Ethical Guidelines

the question needs to be at least 350 words 


Describe a scenario where a BACB Disciplinary and Ethical Standard may have been violated. Provide the context of the situation, the events that lead to the situation, and the steps you would take to help resolve the situation. Make specific reference to the BACB Disciplinary and Ethical Standards and support your resolution to the situation using the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct.





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 In most cases, professionals find themselves violating ethical rules through different situations. For instance, a male nurse has been taking care of a female patient.  The patient is being discharged after sometimes spending in hospital. After the nurse completing the assessment and the discharge instructions, He asks the patient whether she has any other question concerning his health. The patients say no, but she……………


370 Words


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