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Unit 6: Economic Growth and Loanable Funds Market

Unit 6: Economic Growth and Loanable Funds Market

Unit 6: Journal

Journal entry questions are related to the application of the key concepts you learn to the real-world economic issues. The questions contain key economic principles and ideas related to the Macroeconomics topics you are learning. Please feel free to express your perspectives and state how the economic principles and ideas affect your economic decision making process. You should note that there is a limit to the number of words for the Journal entry. You can only enter the maximum 400 words.


  • According to economic growth theory, the level of the GDP and the rate of the real GDP growth rate have different economic implications about the economic well-being of a country. If you are given the options, would you rather live in a nation with a high level of GDP and a low growth rate or in a nation with a low level of GDP and a high growth rate? Why?
  • Economists consider education as an investment that has both private and social benefits. Education is also the major source of human capital, which is the most important form of capital for the long term economic growth. What is the opportunity cost of investing in human capital? Do you think a country can “overinvest” in human capital? What is the opportunity cost of attending college? Explain.
ID: BU204-06-12-LJ
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First of all, it is important to note that GDP measures the level of prosperity within a country. As a matter of fact, GDP measures the value of final goods that are produced within a territory within a determined time period, mostly a single year. Since the growth of GDP measures the growth of productivity which essence………….
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