Unit 5 Assignment: Challenges for the Juvenile Justice System

Unit 5 Assignment: Challenges for the Juvenile Justice System

Use the concepts in your learning from the class to examine the challenges faced by the juvenile justice system. In a 3–4 page paper (excluding cover page):

  • Discuss the challenges and unique issues that the juvenile justice system face in the 21st Century.
  • Analyze the impact the increasing number of child abuse and neglect cases has on the juvenile justice system.
  • Provide specific data on the increase of child abuse and neglect cases.
  • Discuss the future challenges facing the juvenile justice system.
  • Use at least one external research source including academic journals to support your view.




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In recent years, juvenile justice system has been faced by various unique challenges that have affected the system a lot. One of the challenge is the issue is about child abuse and neglect. It is a fact the Juvenile courts usually get calls every time concerning the issue of child abuse and neglect. Also the system keeps on getting a shocking number of minors who have received some of neglect or abuse either sexually, physically or mentally. According to various studies, there are almost two million cases of child abuse and neglect reported every…


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