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Please answer the below question.  It  does not have to be too long answer/

  • How should management prepare for union demands?
  • Do unions need to exist in Law Enforcement? Explain
  • Which forces are most important in shaping the budget in the area where you live ( for as police budget).
  • Why do you think sexual harassment presents unique challenges to police agencies?
  • Discuss some of the grounds for disciplinary action often brought against police officer.
  • Why is it difficult for police chiefs to bring about paradigm shifts within their own police organizations?






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How management prepares for union demands

            Management prepares for union’s demands in various ways. The management prepares for negotiations with the union for them to arrive at consensus.  To start with, the management needs to study past negotiation history.  They need to be very familiar with the events in the past negotiations and be aware of the previous agreements that they had made.  This preview will help know the history they have with this particular union. Secondly, the management needs to be aware of the cause of the meeting. They need to be prepared in terms of knowing the reasons why the meeting is taking place. The union stands for the employees….


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