Unauthentic Leadership

Unauthentic Leadership

For this assignment, write a brief review of an inauthentic leader from one with whom you have personal experience.

Include a reflection on what makes this leader inauthentic and how followers responded to their inauthentic leadership.  What would you recommend to help them become more of an authentic leader?

Note: Feel free to use first person point of view in this assignment.

2.5 pages, 3 references, APA





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Inauthentic is a kind of behavior which is not genuine.  Therefore inauthentic leader refer to a person whose leadership roles are opposite of what they do. This kind of leaders may tell people, his or her followers that their main goal is to motivate them and help them to utilize the available resources to ensure they meet their goals while in real life the organization or the project they are leading is a total fail. Inauthentic leaders are people who are not straight forward and their leadership is questionable. They lack the ability to…


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