UMUC Haircuts Case Study

UMUC Haircuts Case Study

Referring to the UMUC Haircuts Case Study, Myra, the owner, has asked you if outsourcing some of the functions/processes would benefit her business.  Identify which function(s) you would recommend she outsource and explain why they would be appropriate for outsourcing.  List three competitive advantages Myra could get by outsourcing and three challenges or risks in outsourcing, as well as what she could do about them, explain with detail.

Required : APA Format and 2 References







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For UMUC Haircuts, outsourcing some of the functions would be the required booster for business development. There are three main areas where Myra could ask for outside assistance. The first one is Information technology services. Many small businesses cannot keep up with the rapid changing of the IT world and hiring IT experts is often expensive (Wood et al., 2001).  Myra could outsource an IT expert to provide IT services such as website creation, server configurations and updates. She could however retain the work of user support to the organization. This would allow her to save a lot…


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