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U.S law enforcement forum

After reviewing the reading for week 2, as well as the week 2 discussion articles in the lesson for this week; discuss/debate with your classmates some of the past/current law enforcement, philosophies, psychological theories, various models of police behavior and the application of different policing styles concerning the individual officer, as well as the organization. In doing so, discuss some of the negative effects that police stress can have on officers and their families, as well as those in the community pertaining to these models. Also, discuss what leaders can do to help alleviate some of the stress experienced by officers and the citizens within their policing organization jurisdiction by using various models and police styles.




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Community policing is the strategy of allocating police officers to particular areas of the community. The main aim of this policy is to enable police men to get familiar with the community they are posted to work in. When a police is posted in an area they work there permanently since they have a better understanding of the community, thus making it easier for them to fight any crime associated action in that particular area…


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