Transactions and Concurrency Control

Transactions and Concurrency Control

Database management systems have evolved over the years to be able to perform multiple transactions and enable multiple users to access databases simultaneously. However, database management systems must be able to manage transactions from multiple users and avoid potential problems associated with transaction management.

  • Select one (1) of the transaction management or concurrency control methods, and explain the primary manner in which the chosen method is used in database management systems. Describe the impact and alternative of not having the chosen method available to manage concurrency.
  • Describe one (1) scenario in which the selected transaction management or concurrency control method is needed. Examine the significant ways in which business operations would have to change if concurrency management methods were not available.





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Concurrency control is a database management concept which addresses problems that might arise due to multi-users and ensure that data is preserved while it’s being accessed by different users. Concurrency control ensures accuracy (Coronel, Carlos and Peter 2004).

            One strategy that concurrency control uses is the lock strategy. This means that once data has been entered, it is permanently locked in there in the database memory of the machine. This system works in two ways: the read and write way…


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