Read the first part of the Cause and Effect chapter

Read the first part of the Cause and Effect chapter

Now to the assignment. Read the first part of the “Cause and Effect” chapter on how to organize and write a cause and effect essay. You have also read several examples of cause and effect in the module readings. So, you probably have a good idea of what to do in this essay. You will find “topics” for this essay on p. 449, item 2. Choose ONE of the topics listed below and write a cause/effect essay. As usual, if you have another idea, I urge you to run it by me. It is always better to write about something in which you are interested than something you are not completely invested in. For instance, in Javdani’s short essay “…on Writing” she discusses this very thing. Take a quick look at her essay after the essay.

Topics (Explain either the causes or the effects of one of the following, but narrow your topic, so you can write effectively. For example, you might want to discuss one cause and several effects of a situation.)
Income Inequality
The Pressure on Students to Get Good Grades
The Scarcity of People Training for Employment As A Skilled Worker, i.e. Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, etc.

Your essay must be three-five pages and written in the MLA formatting style. The following video should help you use the correct MLA formatting style if you have used evidence as I suggested earlier.

Answer preview to  read the first part of the Cause and Effect chapterRead the first part of the Cause and Effect chapter


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