Activity: Thesis Identification

Activity: Thesis Identification

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Activity: Thesis Identification
The reading this week stresses the importance of thesis statements, so let us take a moment to determine your thesis statement before you begin building more detail into your argument. You have worked on your intended argument over the course of the term. In this activity, you will work to find your argument and make certain you are putting that argument into a clear, concise thesis statement. Open your Writing Plan to use the work you have done so far to respond to the following prompts, which will help you through the process.

Answer prompts 1–6 in another Word document to construct a working thesis statement. When you have finished answering the prompts, copy and paste your answers into the text box and click Submit.

You have completed the activity below.

1.What is the issue you will be addressing that is connected to your potential field or major?
2.State your position on this issue?
3.What is your first key point?
4.What is your second key point?
5.What is your third key point?
6.Now, combine your answers to prompts 2–5 to construct your thesis statement. The thesis statement should be 1–2 sentences long.

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Activity Thesis Identification


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