The World of Windows

The World of Windows

What operating system do you use? Watch some of the videos in the Instructor Insights for your operating system( Find out how to do one new thing with your computer from the videos. Describe what it is and tell us which video and which section it came from. Try to pick something different from your classmates. Here is an example although my operating system is not Windows 8.1.

In Windows 8.1 you could have the password on your computer set to a very specific set of gestures and taps? Click this picture then draw a circle around this object followed by a designated swipe across the screen. I saw that in the Windows 8.1 Essential Training under Secure Your Account with Passwords and PINS..

Windows 10 was released July 29, 2015. If you are already using Windows 10, then tell us 2 things you like better about Windows 10 and 2 things you don’t like about Windows 10. What do you think of the new browser Edge? If you don’t currently use WIndows 10, name3featuresthatwillbedifferentinWIndows10 and 3 that will remain the same. There’s a video in the Instructor’s Insight.


………Answer Preview…….

I currently use windows 10 as my operating system. One of the things I love about Windows 10 is the return of the traditional mouse and keyboard inputs. Windows 8 had a clumsy interface that favored touch instead of keyboard and mouse. To me it appeared to have been more designed for tablets than for PCs. Another thing I love about windows 10 is the smart housekeeping. They had added an uninstall……….


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