Texting while driving: research paper outline

Texting while driving

I need someone to do an outline to my research and my research subject is texting while driving and I have created a research question to guide my research and the question is “How does texting while driving effect the ability of human life?” I need an outline based on this question. I need also a Tentative Thesis Statement. I want 4 or 5 sources 2 books and 2 or 3 articles.



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Tittle of paper:  How does texting while driving effect the ability of human life?

Thesis: Texting while driving should be against the law in all countries across the world due to the various dangers posed by the practice.

  1. Introduction
  2. Texting while driving makes the driver to have reduced control of the vehicle which is dangerous to other road users.
  3. Texting while driving is becoming popular day by day……



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