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Telos and the Roles You Play

Telos and the Roles You Play

Describe an area in your own life that you believe requires certain virtues in order to do well.  This might be an occupation, an activity or hobby, a role you play (mother, friend, husband, mentor, etc.), and so on.  Explain what this is, and what the “telos” of this kind of thing is; in other words, what is the purpose of this area of life, and would it mean to flourish and do well in it?  Are there things people pursue in this area that are not part of the true telos?  Finally, what are the virtues that one must have in order to flourish and do well in this area of life?  What are some vices that get in the way?  Your answers to these questions should include evidence from this week’s readings and media.

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The religious part of my life requires some certain virtues in order to do well. This is a very important part of my life as being a Christina I need to keep tabs with my God. I often find myself so busy that I forget my spiritual obligations. At a young age and during my Sunday school days, I was told to pray before I take food, before I go to sleep and even after waking up. I managed to do this quite well during my childhood days and with support of my mother who was quite religious. I used to pray for the whole family before din…


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