Technology Industry Analyses

Technology Industry Analyses

do some research and analyze the the five forces of  the industry.

the industry we pick is Technology ,and my task is to analyze the one of the five forces of Competition Model, which is the Threat of Substitute Products .

Threat of Substitute Products

  • the threat of substitute  products increase when

-buyers face few switching cost.

-the substitute product’s price is lower

-substitute product’s quality and performance are equal to greater than the existing product.

*differentiated industry products that are valued by customers reduce this threat

Need about half page  brief analysis  of the Threat of Substitute Products in the Technology Industry , you only talk about the industry as a whole not a specific firm




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One of the Porter’s Five Forces associated with technology is the threat of substitute products. With advancements in technology, it has become quite possible to produce different forms of products all serving the same purposes. Take for instance mobile handsets. There are quite many varieties of mobile handsets in the market today. The leading…………


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