Teamwork Theory; Tuckman’s Stages

Teamwork Theory; Tuckman’s Stages

As you have learned, teamwork is not random, it has stages. Conduct academic research on Tuckman’s stages and on business team building exercises.

In a 1-2 pages, discuss the following:

  • Briefly explain Tuckman’s Theory and pick one stage to explore more and report about.
  • Find and describe two team building exercises companies might use.
  • Report on your experiences being part of a team or leading a team.
  • Your assignment should include APA formatted in-text citations and references page. Your assignment should be checked for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.



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We can describe team work as combination of efforts to attain a common goal. Team work is very essential in any setting at it helps people to work together and especially in organizations where common goals need to be achieved. Tuckman believes that the process of working as a team is not as abrupt as many think and thus theorizes several stages that are necessary to form a group. These stages include the forming stage, the storming stage, the norming stage and finally the performing…


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