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Teams and Teamwork of a company

Teams and Teamwork of a company

Teams and teamwork are impacted by the growth of a company to international stature.

  • Select a foreign company that has come to the US (not the other way around!), describe how employees communicate between subsidiaries, how do they handle the time differences?
  • How are meetings conducted? How much travel is involved for team members?
  • If you were a leader in this foreign company, how would you persuade American workers to participate? Would you have trouble evaluating their performance?

Create a essay that would be able to be read as an audio or video recording that would last 3-5 minutes in length explaining your thoughts on this topic.

you should be able to identify the individuals (full name) in the recording and the roles they played.

Also provide 3-4 references





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Airbus is a European aircraft manufacturing company that has a branch in the US. The company has its headquarters in France and is a leading aircraft manufacture competing with the likes of Boeing (Aboulafia, 2000).  In the US, the company has over 1100 jetliners flying in the streets of North America. Customers who have purchased the airbus jetliners include Delta air lines, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, FedEx, Virgin America, and Frontier Airlines among others. Airbus Americas employs over 1200 employees…


679 words


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