Write term paper using systems theory concepts.

Write term paper using systems theory concepts.

Write term paper using systems theory concepts. The topic for the term paper is “The Vizag gas leak” which is an industrial accident that took place in Vishakapatnam city, Andhrapradesh state, India. I have attached newspaper article link and a journal for your reference regarding the incident. I want you to write the term paper in systems perspective using systems theory concepts like open and close systems, eqifinality, negentropy etc. that relates to the Vizag gas leak incident. Use tools and concepts like CLD, BE diagrams, etc.
I have attached one more pdf (paper assignment.pdf). please follow the format mentioned in the pdf like Abstract, Introduction, etc.
It is mandatory to use systems theory concepts and relate concepts to that particular incident, APA citation, etc. please feel free to email me if you have any kind of questions.



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