The theory that I find most helpful, appealing and effective out of all the theories is the systems theory

The theory that I find most helpful, appealing and effective out of all the theories is the systems theory

The theory that I find most helpful, appealing and effective out of all the theories is the systems theory. In this theory it is assumed that the family unit is greater than the sum of all its members. Individual client is viewed by the nurses who understand this system theory as a functioning and contributing member of a larger family system where each member of the family influences the other. It is the duty of the nurse to focus on the family as a whole. When there is any change in one family member, the whole family learns to adapt. When a member of the family undergo any crisis, according to the systems theory, the member is unable to adapt to his or her new environment, other family members must play an active role by adapting to the needs of that family member. The systems theory is based on the belief that all parts of the body are connected to each other, in understanding, no one part of the body can be isolated from the other if considered. System theory focuses on the interactions that occur among members of the system and the entire family is a unit of the analysis. (Karakurt. & Silver, 2014).

In the facility I work, family members are encouraged to stay with the patients if they are able to. Provisions are made for family members to stay with the patient at all times throughout their stay in the facility. Family members stick together and keep each other informed and updated about changes when any family member goes through any changes in their health. Staying informed and updated help the family members make adjustments with the changing health status of the family member and be more proactive when they needed the most. Approaches employing systems theory aim at understanding the interactions between the sub-system and between the systems and the environment as well as the dynamics resulting from these interactions. (Von Schlippe. & Frank, 2013)

Changes in the life of one family member affects the whole family and the family members must come together, accept it and find a way to face the challenges. All the family members must rely on one another for support in order to face the changes as a team, this theory supports that the family is unified as a whole and not one individual as they all work together to face the differences. This ensures that the whole family gets support not just the one person that is going through the change as they can grow together, work together as a family in spite of the challenges.


Karakurt, G., & Silver, K. E. (2014). Therapy for Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors Using Attachment and Family Systems Theory Orientation. American Journal of Family Therapy, 42(1), 79-91.



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