Sweatshop labor discussion

Sweatshop labor discussion

A clothing company uses sweatshop labor to manufacture clothing products that contribute to low pricing, which is a consumer want.

Many companies have engaged in sweatshop labor. Did the clothing company engage in unethical labor practices by utilizing sweatshop labor?

Research sweatshop labor.

Write a paper of no more than 750 words to present your position on sweatshop labor and provide justification. Include the following:

  • How consumer demands affect a company’s business decision
  • How different ethical perspectives guide ethical decision making
  • How a company influences their ethical environment

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.




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Sweatshop Labor

Yes, the clothing company engaged in unethical labor practices.

All companies exist to make profits. It is the ultimate goal for which a company strives through high and low tide. Due to the hard economic times, consumers are often attracted by low prices of high quality goods. The economy has continually being so rigid that even the no preferential consumers are finding themselves looking at price stickers on products. Upon realizing this, companies are looking for any means possible to lower their prices while still maintaining the high quality of their products. This is what drives them…


583 words


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