Survey of Western Music

Survey of Western Music

Survey of Western Music History LE #7

Find and post a topically relevant recording of a musical performance (either a live performance or a studio recording), along with your brief 350-word analysis of that example that fits within the focus of the current topic. This assignment’s focus is:

Compare and contrast 14th century madrigals with 16th century madrigals. You will want to post two examples and discuss both of them.

Choose your music thoughtfully and listen to the music mindfully. Post your media example and form an analysis by demonstrating at least three distinguishing characteristics (such as the prevalent style technique, instrumentation, social context, and so on) that your example displays. In your synopsis, cite specific times in the recording (“4:42,” or “11:27,” for example) where you hear the characteristics or elements take shape. You should also include your general thoughts about the example, including what piqued your interest, and how it might have challenged your expectations or expanded your understanding of music in its historical context. Your embedded media must be functional in order for the assignment to be assessed for a grade.

Nota Bene: It is a good practice (especially if you have a variable Internet connection) to compose your Canvas assignments in Google Drive or other similar office software while you are developing your assignment. When you are satisfied that your assignment is ready to be posted, copy and paste your text into Canvas at that time. This will ensure that you do not work in canvas and inadvertently lose your work.


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A madrigal is a type of a verbal melody composition that is usually nonspiritual in nature with the number of voices ranging from two to around eight (Turci-Escobar, 2007). Madrigals were a common type of music in the early fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. According to Turci-Escobar (2007), madrigals generally lacked accompaniments. This paper gives a brief discussion about two examples of madrigals; one from the fourteenth century and another from the sixteenth century. These are: O dolce vita mia by Adrian Willaert ………………….


350 words


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